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Iro in Review

“The most innovative foiling comb I’ve seen!” 

We consider ourselves lucky when Iro is reviewed by hair styling educators. One of them is Lauren Frances, an amazing balayage specialist and national educator from the United States. The author of the “Toning Bible” also runs a Youtube channel and an Instagram profile with each over 30 thousand followers and dozens of tutorial videos plus cool tips on hair coloring. 

We were thrilled when Lauren dedicated her recent Youtube tutorial post to Iro comb or as she calls it: “The most innovative foiling comb I’ve seen.”  In the demo, she goes through the whole process of babylights with Iro and explains all you need to know along the way. Apparently, Iro is the way to get the thinnest section of hair possible and to cut down timing by having an “all in one tool” in your hand.

A couple of quick tips from Lauren:

  • Comb your section out evenly
  • Keep section flat between fingers
  • Dip comb multiple times to get desired density
  • great for balayage, foilayage, babylights, teasy-lights...

Check the tutorial on how to use Iro and the comments at: